Access and Reimbursement

IncyteCARES (Connecting to Access, Reimbursement, Education and Support) was established by Incyte to assist providers, patients and caregivers with a single point of contact for reimbursement assistance, patient access and distribution coordination for Jakafi.

You can contact IncyteCARES by calling 1-855-4-JAKAFI (855-452-5234) or by faxing the enrollment form to 1-855-525-7207.

Reimbursement services

The IncyteCARES program facilitates product access through the following process:


Reimbursement Process

Patient assistance

Through the patient assistance program, for patients who do not have insurance coverage for Jakafi and meet the program's eligibility requirements, Jakafi is provided free of charge. Eligible patients will receive Jakafi, shipped directly to their home address.

Co-pay assistance

Patients with private insurance may be eligible for co-pay assistance through the co-pay program. IncyteCARES will screen patients for eligibility, enroll eligible patients and transfer information to the specialty pharmacy. For patients who do not qualify for co-pay assistance, there may be independent or non-profit organizations or foundations that may be able to assist patients with cost share. Please contact IncyteCARES for more information about enrollment.

To initiate consideration of patient assistance or co-pay assistance for your patient:

  • Your practice can call IncyteCARES at 1-855-4-Jakafi (855-452-5234) Monday through Friday, 8 AM - 8 PM ET. An assistance specialist will be able to determine if your patient may be eligible for patient assistance or co-pay assistance
  • Once a complete enrollment form has been received by the program, your practice will be updated regarding the patient's eligibility for patient assistance, co-pay assistance and any alternative sources of funding that may be available for your patient

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